Updated ~ 06-11-2010
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Online casino funding and deposit method Deposit to an online casino using PaySpark Internet
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Fund a casino account with PaySpark Internet
Online casino funding and deposit method
Fund an Online Casino Account using
PaySpark Internet as a deposit method.

PaySpark Internet
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What is PaySpark Internet?

Your Payspark Internet Payment Account (IPA) is an Internet Wallet that allows you to make instant deposits in the casino. Funding your Payspark Internet Payment Account is really easy and you can use various methods:
Credit Card.
SpinPad Home ATM (PaySpark’s "ACH type" solution).
Wire Transfer.
Transfer from your Payspark ATM account.

One of the great appeals of Payspark is its immediate funding facility and that it does not charge for funding deposits. This ensures that it is the cheapest payment and banking solution on the market.

The great benefits that PaySpark offer:

☆ PaySpark has an immediate funding facility.
☆ No transaction costs to the consumer for deposits.
☆ Personalized service.
☆ Attractive interest rates on credit balances over $500. Earn interest on your account.
☆ No rejections as long as you have funds in your account.
☆ Free online banking statements.
☆ SMS confirmations of your funding/deposit transactions sent to your mobile phone anywhere in the world.
☆ 24 Hour Personalised Customer Service.

Once your have successfully applied for and activated your Internet Account you will immediately qualify for a Payspark ATM Account.

PaySpark ATM Card:

FREE with your PaySpark ATM Account, the ATM Card is the ultimate in convenience.
With the PaySpark ATM card, you can now instantly withdraw funds from your PaySpark account, from almost any location in the world.

The Benefits:

☆ Instant withdrawals.
☆ Withdraw funds in your local currency.
☆ No waiting for checks to clear.
☆ Secure withdrawal method, if your card is lost or stolen, the funds in your PaySpark account cannot be accessed.

To APPLY for an Internet Payment Account, simply click here


For any information on the PaySpark product contact: queries@payspark.com
For account related information contact: admin@payspark.com
Toll Free Fax numbers for Due Diligence Documentation:
1-888-840-1358 (toll free USA only)
International Fax numbers:
+27 21 405-1956
+27 21 405-1947

If you feel that this deposit option is not for you, select another method listed in the right-hand column.

Listing of Online Casinos that accept PaySpark Internet as a deposit option.

Online casino funding and deposit method Use PaySpark Internet to gamble online
Check your local laws before gambling online. Gambling online may be illegal in some states.
Participation in the activities and games are open to those who are of legal age within the
jurisdiction of their residency where the casino game is not prohibited, taxed or regulated.
How to deposit with PaySpark Internet
Online casino funding and deposit method

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